It will be carried out the monitoring for the agriculture users.

It was  established a special  monitoring  group  on the basis of  a  service  management “Ganja automobile factory”Production Association.

There are included  for the  group of a plant, Minsk tractor plant, Azerbaijan  Agriculture Ministry and the  specialists of  Agrolizing OSC.

The Chairman of Observation Council KhanlarFatiyev said about it on the  local  press interview.

On Fatiyev`s words the purpose on the  establishment  of  the group is a fruitful  increases  for uses by the technique productioned  tractors in “Ganja automobile factory”Production Association and the monitoring users of  agriculture technique and  their enlightenes

K.Fatiyevnotted that monitoring would be carried out in all regions of our country.

In 2014 during june month was made of use  65 tractors in Ganja automobile plant PA.

During this june month were collected 65 tractors “Belarusian”, 1 tractor for a  special  appointment.

These tractors which have different  modifications are able to do various functions in agriculture technique on the basis of on order state which has been qiven  to Agrolizing OSC.

The photo “MAZ” tractor together


6 months last statistics  information.

2014 during 6 month of june  were  of use in common 599  “Belarusian” tractors in “Ganja automobile factory” Production Association, and it is more 186 tractors calculation than last year.

These 512 techniques were sold to Agrolizing OSC on the base of state order, 87 as on individual order.

During this time were  collected 126 “MAZ” automobiles.

During the report were made of use 15 tractor harnesses. During  these 6 months were productioned 569 pendant equipments, 50 it is more 85 tractors than  last year report.