The production power of Ganja automobile plant founded in 1986 is considered for the production of 30000 automobiles of model "Gazel" according to the project. On the base of the project the construction of the institution should be ended till the end of 1989 year. But according to the decision of Ministers Cabinets of USSR the construction of the factory was interrupted at the same year and the technological project was given to Bryansk automobile plant. So the 256 hectares of territory and 50 hectares of production territory stayed without utilization during 15 years.

It is right that, the problem concerning the construction of automobile plant was considered by the government after Azerbaijan had obtained its independence. Since 1994 the giant and famous automobile companies of Italy, Korea, Japan, France and Germany have interested in the institution. But the negotiations held with them ended without result.

Only in December 2004 Gandja automobile...


It will be carried out the monitoring for the agriculture users.

The interview of the director of “Ganja automobile factory” Production Association Kamran Nazarov to the known journal printed in Azerbaijan “The Business year”.

The president of Azerbaijan IlhamAliyev has rewarded the works of “Ganja automobile factory”.


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